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Since the outbreak of SARS/Bird Flu/Swine Flu and more recently, the coronavirus pandemic threat (especially now it is confirmed it can be transmitted from human to human), health care providers and public officials have been using infrared (IR) non-contact temperature measurement to scan large numbers of people at public areas for elevated temperatures that can result from a virus infection. People who register higher temperatures than normal can then be isolated for further evaluation to help prevent the spread of disease.

All objects, including the human body, emit infrared energy. Non-contact IR thermometers measure surface temperature, including the temperature of our skin. Individuals with fevers may have higher than normal skin temperature which can easily be measured. A high temperature alarm can be set to trigger to indicate those needing further testing using a clinical contact thermometer specifically designed to measure body temperature.

While non-contact IR thermometers are designed for industrial use, there are locations where this technology can be useful:
• Airports, seaports, bus and train stations
• Hospitals and schools
• Factories and business buildings
• Stadium events and conventions
• Other public gathering areas

Benefits of infrared non-contact temperature measurement:
• Non-contact, so there is less chance of contamination
• Temperature readings are immediate, so multiple readings can be taken to quickly screen large groups
• Infrared temperature measurement is completely safe and innocuous, so there is no risk of contamination
• Individuals can be moving, so travel is not delayed

Having your temperature scanned using infrared is as easy and safe as walking through a metal detector!

Fluke Non-contact Infrared Thermometers Specs and benefits:
• Infrared temperature and visible record of screened individuals
• Operates in 6 languages
• Handheld use for portability
• Rechargeable battery
• Tripod mount (Fluke 561, 566, 568)
• On-screen temperature measurements (ºC or ºF)

For further information on the range of Fluke IR thermometers available online from Instrotech please click here:

Fluke non-contact IR Thermometers

Note: Fluke non-contact infrared thermometers detect elevated skin temperatures and are not a substitute for clinical thermometers. Infrared thermometers should not be relied upon as the sole determinant of a person’s body temperature. Additional examination by healthcare professionals should take place after infrared thermometers have detected a person with elevated skin temperatures.

Original material by Fluke Corporation (Oct 2009), edited by Instrotech (Jan 2020)