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Martindale ET4000

100% of 100
  • Built-in 3rd amendment Zs loop impedance tables
  • CAT IV Rated for additional protection
  • Red and green LED indicators for instant pass / fail results
  • Automatic polarity and wiring check on connection
  • Protected against accidental live circuit connection
  • RCD auto test and ramp test with all results on one screen
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    This is the latest multifunction tester available from Martindale Electric. Designed to make your job easier and testing faster, this multifunction is equipped with a host of features. As an entry level tester, you'll find you get much more for your money when compared to the functionality of that from leading manufacturers such as Fluke or Megger.

    Ready for the 17th Edition 3rd Amendment
    The ET4000 has built-in loop pass values which are set to the new values as required in the 3rd Amendment to the 17th Edition wiring regulations.

    Martindale ET4000 comes with built-in pass and fail values

    Simple pass / fail indication
    A red & green LED indicator gives an instant notification of a pass or fail, based on the selected pass limit.

    Auto RCD test results displayed simultaneously
    Most other MFTs require you to scroll through the 5 test results of an auto sequence. The ET4000 displays all the results on screen simultaneously, saving time when recording the information.

    Automatic wiring check
    When connected, a wiring and polarity check is automatically carried out. This helps identify potentially dangerous wiring faults in advance.

    True RMS voltage measurement
    Did you know how important true RMS readings are? Standard RMS measurement only gives an average reading and with anything other than a perfect sinewave, this reading can be as much as 50% out! With true RMS, you get an accurate measurement. Whereas this feature is only available in the top model from most other manufacturers, it is included as standard with the Martindale ET4000. This true RMS reading will ensure your recorded voltage levels really are within the new Cmin limits defined in amendment 3.

    User settable pass limits
    Some installations may require testing to specific pass values. The ET4000 allows you to set these limits manually, ideal if you have a number of engineers testing a site, or if you are training an apprentice.

    CAT IV safety rating
    Safety is paramount when it comes to testing. Using a tester on a system that it is not rated for can lead to serious injury or death. The ET4000 carries a CAT IV safety rating, offering a high level of user protection.

    Easy to replace test leads
    Having a test lead fail on a job can be a real headache. If you can't obtain a replacement quickly, you can lose time on a job. The ET4000 comes supplied with standard 4mm banana leads, this means you can easily get replacements from your local wholesaler if you need them urgently.

    Rechargeable batteries
    The ET4000 comes with rechargeable batteries. Charging is done in-situ, so you can leave it charging over night ready for a days testing. The batteries supplied are low discharge to optimise the battery life.

    Comprehensive test functionality
    Although advertised as the entry level model, this tester comes fully equipped and offers much more for your money. The full list of tests includes:

    • Insulation resistance at 50, 100, 250, 500 & 1000V
    • Continuity testing at 200mA & 8.5mA
    • Non trip & high current loop testing with PFC display
    • Auto RCD test sequence
    • RCD ramp test
    • AC, A, F & S type RCDs (10, 30, 100, 300, 500 & 1000mA)
    • True RMS voltage reading
    • Frequency & phase rotation measurement
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