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The Instrotech VB8803 is a video and image recording borescope that is supplied with a 3.5" wireless colour TFT display and fitted with a 9mm diameter camera on a 1m flexible water-resistant gooseneck. AVI video and JPEG images can be captured and stored onto a microSD memory card (not supplied), for download to a PC or laptop. All images are date & timestamped which is really useful if you need to include these in any reports or email attachments.

The detachable display means you can use the scope in hard to access areas, or have one person observing / recording the feed while another concentrates on the manoeuvring of the camera. The borescope is supplied with various attachments including clip-on mirror, magnet and hook. Optional accessories include 1m Flexible Gooseneck Extensions (you can extend up to 3x), a dual camera probe (a head that allows you to switch between forward or side facing views), as well as a 5.8mm diameter HD format camera for even higher contrast and sharper imagery.

Key features of the VB8803 Video Recording Borescope:

  • 3.5" TFT wireless colour display
  • Water resistant IP67, 9mm Diameter camera head
  • Glare free close up and wide field of view 45°
  • 4 adjustable dual bright LED lights
  • 1m flexible gooseneck can be preformed to a configured shape
  • Clip-on mirror, magnet and hook attachments for object retrieval
  • NTSC Video Output
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