Instrotech DIS-L5

Instrotech 8841AU

  • 5.5mm diameter Articulating In-Situ Video Inspection Borescope
  • 270 degree viewing angle
  • Detachable wireless colour TFT monitor
  • Range of up to 10m
  • Video and image recording capabilities
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    The 8841AU is an articulating in-situ video inspection borescope with video and image recording capability. This is great for when you need to ‘look around’ and inspect / diagnose within a hard to reach location. By twisting the camera control dial the probe head physically pivots allowing you to see different views without having to manually manoeuvre the camera. It covers a 270 degree viewing angle.

    These have been used in a wide variety of applications from vehicle repair, to pipe and equipment inspection and installations, to simply reading serial numbers on hard to reach parts. To gain the maximum viewing range the articulating probe head does need some swivel room (approx. 50mm diameter). It will work on smaller gauge piping but the camera head movement will be restricted which will limit the viewing angle range. The 8841AU comes with a detachable 3.5" wireless colour TFT display (720x625 pixels) that has a wireless range of around 10m. The detachable display means you can use the scope in hard to access areas. There is a picture zoom function that allows up to 3x magnification.

    The 8841AU is fitted with a 5.5mm diameter camera on an articulating 1m flexible water-resistant IP67 Gooseneck. AVI video and JPEG images can be captured and stored onto the microSD memory card (2GB is supplied), for download to a PC or laptop. All images are date & timestamped which is really useful if you need to include these in any reports or email attachments.

    Optional accessories include a dual camera probe (a head that allows you to switch between forward or side facing views), as well as a 5.8mm diameter HD format camera for even higher contrast and sharper imagery which can then be extended using the 1m Flexible Gooseneck Extensions (you can extend up to 3x),. Please note, these accessories convert the inspection camera into a non-articulating version but you can easily swap back and have the advantage of having both types of camera in your toolbox with just one unit.

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