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Sonel MZC-306R, 650V Loop Tester (Network Rail PADS Approved)

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The Sonel MZC-306R fault loop impedance meter

The Sonel MZC-306R is PADS approved for use in testing the Network Rail Signal Power feeders to test the fault loop impedance measurements.  The Sonel MZC-306R measures Ik sometimes called PSCC (Prospective Short Circuit Current). The Sonel MZC-306R meter is fully PADS approved under the Network Rail Certificate of Acceptance PA05/07453 and catalogue number 0092/010414.


Approved by Network Rail
The meter was selected by engineers at Network Rail as being suitable for making measurements on their electrification systems as it is capable of being used on systems up to 750V. This functionality makes it ideal for working on the Network Rail 650V electrical systems.

As well as calculating the fault current at a resolution of 0.01 ohms, the meter will also give measurements of the resistance (RS) and reactance (XS) components of the system under test.


Suitable for 650V Electrification Systems
The meter also has an extended test voltage range making it suitable for testing on many alternative system voltages which includes 110/190V, 115/200V, 127/220V, 220/380V, 230/400V, 240/415V, 290/500V and 400/690V.

This wide variety of electrical systems the meter can test not only makes it ideal for the 650V railway network, but also for use in a wide variety of LV electrical installations such as Solar PV renewables, commercial properties, public facilities, workshops and factories.



  • Loop Impedance Meter suitable for 400V / 650V electrification systems
  • For use by rail electrification engineers for testing Ik/PSCC in 650V railway electrical installations on signalling power feeders
  • Certificate of Approval PA05/07453A
  • PADS / Catalogue Number 0092/010414
  • NR/L2/SIGELP/50001
  • NR/L3/SIGELP/50001
  • NR/SPS/T007
  • NR/SPS/M001
  • Calculation of PSCC/Fault Current (Ik)
  • Measurement of Impedance (Zs)
  • Measurement of Resistance (Rs)
  • Measurement of Reactance (Xs)
  • Measurement of Voltage up to 750V AC (operating range 100..750V)
  • Automatic differentiation between phase and phase-to-phase voltage
  • Memory storage of up to 990 records
  • Rechargeable battery power supply
  • IP54 Protection
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Manufacturer Part NumberWMUKMZC306R
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