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This complete bundle gives you result recording & reporting capability, without having to write results down. Store all test information on your mobile or tablet and print pass or fail labels via Bluetooth to the Seaward Test & Tag Pro Printer.

If you need a simple and easy-to-use PAT tester to carry out your portable appliance testing, this Seaward product is an ideal solution. Featuring a 3 button operation for either Class I, Class II or leads, test selection is easy. Use the Seaward Primetest 100 with the free PAT Testing App and you will speed up your testing time. The free app will give you barcode scanning, recording of test results, label printing and basic reporting, making this a great solution for you. (Label printing currently only available for Android).

The large LCD display shows both a test result as well as a Pass or Fail indication in the form of a tick or a cross, making PAT testing fast and simple.

The Primetest 100 is one of our best selling PAT testers and is currently being used in schools, offices and any application where there are only a small number of appliances to test.

See what the free app can do for you

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The Seaward PAT Tester performs the minimum requirements for PAT testing and is suitable for use on all 240V equipment, including IT products such as PCs, fax machines, photocopiers and printers.

Carrying out earth bond tests on IT equipment
The design of the this Seaward PAT tester means that there is no need for a separate test process for IT equipment. The earth bond current is only 200mA, as recommended in the IEE Code of Practice, meaning that whether testing standard appliances, or IT equipment, using the Class I test button will perform the required tests.

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Manufacturer Part NumberN/A
Battery OperatedYes
250V Insulation TestNo
Custom Test SequenceNo
Risk AssessmentNo
ManualPrimetest 100 Printer Bundle
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