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The Fluke 1730 is an energy logger suitable for anyone who is carrying out a load study. If you are concerned about your electricity consumption, looking at expanding your existing system, or carrying out energy analysis on behalf of your clients, then this is a good unit to hire.

The Fluke 1730 will measure current and voltage on a single or three phase system, logging all the information for download to the new Energy Analysis software (included with the unit). A host of key parameters are available including:

  • Voltage
  • Current
  • Frequency
  • THD of Voltage & Current
  • AUX Voltage
  • Active Power (W)
  • Apparent Power (VA)
  • Non-Active Power (var)
  • Power Factor (PF)
  • Energy (kWh)
  • Fundamental Active Power (W)
  • Fundamental Reactive Power (var)
  • Fundamental Apparent Power (VA)
  • Displacement Power Factor (DPF / cos Φ)
Easy to Setup

Simply choose whether you want to perform and energy or a load survey, select the logging period and the analyser will do the rest.

Navigation of the menus is very intuitive and the inclusion of a touch screen makes the process simple and easy. The ergonomic design also means menu navigation is easy if you are wearing protective gloves.

Energy Analyze Software

The software allows you to show clearly the downloaded data on a graph, allowing the user to zoom into any part of the survey and view details such as consumption, THD, VAR etc. In addition you can create a report via a simple tab, which enables you to add your client information, description & detail of the survey and any additional notes. Report creation is simple, utilising drag-and-drop to include the relevant information. Data can also be bookmarked for quick access.

Connecting the Fluke 1730

The 1730 features a single, flat voltage lead with four 4mm banana plugs and croc clips. This lead design simplifies the connection process and also stops issues with tangled leads when transporting the unit.

The analyser has a Li-Ion battery, which will last up to 4.5 hours, however you can power the unit via an external adaptor or by making a direct connection to L1 on the incoming supply.

Hire Information & Pricing

The Fluke 1730 is available to hire at the following prices:

7 Day Hire: £120.00

Hire deposits are only applicable to non-credit account holders and are refunded in full upon return inspection of the equipment.

Delivery & Return Collection

We know people need rental equipment quickly so we use a pre-10.30am courier service (only £15.00 ex-VAT per way per consignment) for mainland UK addresses, alternatively you are welcome to collect and return via your own means. Delivery to some outlying areas, Highlands, Channel Islands, Northern Ireland and offshore isles will incur additional charges, please contact us for details.

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