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Fluke P3000 Series Deadweight Tester

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This range of dual piston deadweight testers are designed for calibration of pressure measuring devices used with gas applications. They are available in a number of different pressure units and each features a 1/4 NPT female external supply for connection of a gas supply source, such as a nitrogen bottle or compressed air.

The precision piston-gauge system allows for the masses to balance the upward force which creates pressure within the system. There are 3 standard masses included, each one is marked with the serial number of the unit and a nominal pressure value that is relative to the piston.

These deadweight testers can be specifically calibrated to local gravity, at no extra cost. This is because gravity varies and has a direct effect on the force of the weights, which in turn can affect the accuracy. If not specified, the standard gravity is set to 980.665 cm/s2.

The optional PressCal software, a windows based program that allows for the entry of necessary corrections to enhance the performance of the deadweight tester. The calibration details are stored and used to create a calibration certificate. Using the software, the accuracy improves to 0.008%.

Key features include:

  • Accuracy better than 0.015% of reading (improved to 0.008% with PressCal software)
  • Different pressure units available
  • Built-in pneumatic hand pump
  • High quality needle valve for optimum control
  • O-Ring design eliminates the need for wrenches or PTFE tape

There are a number of models in the range as listed below. Prices may vary depending on the model required, please call 01923 442244 to discuss:

  • Fluke P3022-KPA: 100 kPa, no pump
  • Fluke P3022-KPA-P: 100 kPa, with pump
  • Fluke P3022-MBAR: 1000 mbar, no pump
  • Fluke P3022-MBAR-P: 1000 mbar, with pump
  • Fluke P3022-INH2O: 400 inH2O, no pump
  • Fluke P3022-INH2O-P: 400 inH2O, with pump
  • Fluke P3023-KPA: 200 kPa, no pump
  • Fluke P3023-KPA-P: 200 kPa, with pump
  • Fluke P3023-MBAR: 2000 mbar, no pump
  • Fluke P3023-MBAR-P: 2000 mbar, with pump
  • Fluke P3023-INH2O: 800 inH2O, no pump
  • Fluke P3023-INH2O-P: 800inH2O, with pump
  • Fluke P3025-BAR: 35 bar, no pump
  • Fluke P3025-BAR-P: 35 bar, with pump
  • Fluke P3025-KGCM2: 35 kgf/cm2, no pump
  • Fluke P3025-KGCM2-P: 35 kgf/cm2, with pump
  • Fluke P3025-PSI: 500 psi, no pump
  • Fluke P3025-PSI-P: 500 psi, with pump
  • Fluke P3025-KPA: 3500 kPa, no pump
  • Fluke P3025-KPA-P: 3500 kPa, with pump
  • Fluke P3025-MPA: 3.5 MPa, no pump
  • Fluke P3025-MPA-P: 3.5 MPa, with pump
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