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The Fluke 424D offers some of the most advanced features available for laser distance measurement. New design innovations include the addition of an electronic compass, inclination sensor and automated endpiece correction. With these new features and a much improved accuracy, the Fluke 424D is ideal for the most demanding applications up to 100m distance.

Electronic Compass
A handy feature that gives you a heading for measurement, ideal when working outdoors.

Automated Endpiece Correction
A built-in sensor will detect the position of the bracket when measuring from an edge or corner, automatically changing the reference point.

Inclination Sensor
Taking measurements in hard-to-reach places? The inclination sensor assists with height tracking and levelling. In addition, this feature will assist with taking indirect horizontal measurements, for instance where line of sight is obscured by an object.

Extra Bright Laser
Clearly see the targeting point in hard-to-access areas, or at longer distances.

Enhanced Pythagoras Calculation
Fast calculation to determine the distance indirectly from three other measurements.

Tripod Mounting
Measuring of long distances is made easier with the tripod mounting option for more accurate results.

Along with these great features, the Fluke 424D also has a backlit LCD, stake out function, audible keypad and the ability to store up to 20 measurement results. With it's IP54 rating, rugged design and 3 year manufacturers warranty, this laser distance meter is great value for money.

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