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Fluke FEV350, EV Charging Station Analyser

Fluke FEV350, Charging Station Analyser (with Type-2 Plug)
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The Fluke FEV350 EV charging station analyser is a perfect all-in-one tool for regular maintenance, safety inspection, and performance testing for AC EV charging stations (can be used with either Type 1 or Type 2 connectors, this version already has a Type-2 plug connector included).  Think of it as being similar to a PAT tester, but for EV charging stations!  It incorporates the visual inspection tests as well as the necessary maintenance electrical safety tests to ensure the ongoing and routine safety checks of your EV charge stations.  

It has been designed for technicians to perform and document multiple tests quickly and efficiently without the need to be carrying around loads of different tools. The colour LCD display has on-screen instructions which provide an easy walkthrough of tests and provides a PASS / Fail indication on all test results. You can easily analyse EV charging performance using the Auto Control Pilot feature.  This simulates various vehicle states with on-screen feedback of results and waveform analysis.

 The main applications for the FEV350 include:

  • Safety testing of charging stations
  • Functional testing of charging stations
  • Troubleshooting/repair of charging stations

The instrument is able to carry out the following measurements:

  • PE (protective) earth pre-test to ensure no dangerous voltage is present
  • Visual Inspection
  • 30 mA RCD + 6 mA RDC-DD Trip Test
  • Nominal Voltage + Phase Sequence
  • Auto Control Pilot (CP) with Waveform Analysis
  • Proximity Pilot
  • Error Testing

The Fluke FEV350 can also be used for installation testing when combined with a suitable Fluke multi-function tester (MFT) to provide a complete installation and maintenance solution.  When used in conjunction with a suitable MFT (sold separately) you are now able to also perform the following measurements:

  • Earth Bond
  • Insulation
  • Loop/Line Impedance

To help save you time and to make your documentation and reporting easy, the Fluke FEV350 can be connected to Fluke TruTest software (sold separately) using Bluetooth.  This allows you to:

  • Easily manage measurement data from EVSE inspections
  • Quickly create inspections and reports
  • Control Pilot waveform analysis with easy pass/fail visuals
  • Compare site data to previous site data to see changes over time
  • Quickly access the latest firmware to update your FEV350

The FEV350 EV Charging Station Analyzer is designed in accordance with IEC/EN 61851-1 and IEC/HD 60364-7-722.

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