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Di-Log DL9130EVKIT Advanced EV Testing Kit w. EVSE Adaptor

  • 6ma RDC-DD Pure DC Test
  • Auto EV Test Sequence
  • Auto Start Loop & Continuity tests
  • Type AC, A, B & Selective (S) RCD Testing
  • Rmax & Zmax
  • Variable RCD Test
  • Colour LCD display with colour change feature
  • Proximity Pilot (PP) State 13, 20, 32 & 63A
  • Control Pilot (CP) State A, B, C & D
  • Error including – PE Pre-Test, CP Error “E” & PE Error
  • Type 1 & Type 2 Charge Plugs supplied
  • Supplied with a UKAS Calibration Certificate fully traceable to national standards (DL9130EV)
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The Di-LOG DL9130EVKIT Complete Test Kit has been explicitly designed for service engineers that offer EV installation as part of their testing portfolio. The DL9130EVKIT Complete kit includes Di-LOG’s latest EV Multifunction Tester, the DL9130EV, along with the DLEV1 EVSE Charge Station Adaptor.

The DL9130EV has several exciting new features critical to the safe verification of EVSE Charge Station Installations.  Including a 6mA pure DC test for RDC-DD verification which can be combined with a full Auto EV testing sequence.  The Auto EV sequence feature simply varifies the DC protection provided by the EV charger, along with the Type A RCD protection provided by the sub distribution board.


Brand New Features

A brand-new feature explicitly added to the DL9130EV is Rmax.  This brand-new concept will automatically capture the maximum R1+R2/R2 continuity test reading which will register the result on the secondary display for recording once testing is complete. In addition, Di-LOG has added the Zmax feature.


Type B RCD Testing

Type B RCDs are becoming more frequent in PV and EV installations, so it is vital that when needed, your multifunction tester can perform a Pure DC RCD test.  A variable RCD feature has also been added to the DL9120 & DL9130EV enabling the user to dial in bespoke mA values when the need arises.


Intelligent User Features a the press of a button

With a brand new RGB colour changing screen that visually indicates potential pass/fail conditions, the DL9130EV offers intelligent user features. One of our intelligent features is Zmax, this will record the maximum Zs test recorded during a recording session. A fully automated Continuity & Earth Loop Auto Start with a secondary display to capture the recorded results. Never seen before on a multifunction tester, is the high current loop with intelligent detection identifying if the user is conducting a 2 wire or 3 wire Loop/PSCC measurement without the need for selection.


EVSE Test Adaptor Kit

The DLEV1 is a universal EVSE Charge Station Adaptor Kit that will simulate the Proximity Pilot (PP) States and Control Pilot (CP) States required to energise a free-standing or wall-mounted EV charger. Supplied with a type 1 and type 2 connector plug specifically designed for testing, the DLEV1 kit will also simulate PE Pre-test, CP Error “E” and PE Error with the added feature of CP signal output and load connection.

The DLEV1 has a 13A socket for MFT mains lead or can be used for inline load connection. In addition to this, there are also 4mm input terminals for single or 3-phase connections.

The DL9130EVKIT MFT Test Kit offers incredible value for a feature-packed MFT meeting all the safety and performance requirements of BS EN 61557.

More Information
Manufacturer Part NumberDL9130EV
Earth testYes
Type B RCD testYes
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