T&R Test Equipment 200ADM-P

T&R Test Equipment
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An advanced current injection system, the T & R 200ADM-P has a wide range of unique features such as phase shift, data storage and harmonic analysis. The output range allows for injection currents from as low as 1mA up to 200A, with a maximum 240V available on the main outputs.

Up to four current ranges can be set, allowing for the full scale and trip level to be set independently of any selected output. In addition, true RMS metering and industry standard safety connections are used.

A flexible auxiliary AC ouput can be used at up to 260V for voltage or 10A for current relays. A metering module is also provided, that meters ac and dc current, voltage and frequency from either external or auxiliary signals. Measurements can also be taken in conjunction with the main current output to meter phase angle, impedance, CT ratio and harmonics. The relay under test is powered by a variable stabilised DC unit, with current limit.

Trip times, reset times and reclose times are measured quickly and accurately with the comprehensive timing system, which is linked to the outputs. Current operated mode, included in the timer, accurately tests instantaneous trips.

There are two USB available enabling connection to a USB memory drive, keyboard or printer. Via this, test results can be stored for later analysis in an Excel spreadsheet. With the keyboard input, you can add comments against the test results. With a USB memory stick, you can also capture waveform data and harmonic analysis results.

The standard model is supplied with an aluminium carry case, however there is an option to add a heavy duty peli-case, which also has space for the test leads. Prices may vary depending on the model ordered, please contact us on 01923 442244 for a formal quotation.

All units are calibrated by the manufacturer prior to shipping, however there is no certification included. If you require a full calibration certificate, please contact us for details.

This product is only made to order, therefore please allow a delivery time of 4 - 6 weeks and contact us for confirmation at the time of order.

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Manufacturer T&R Test Equipment
Manufacturer Part Number 219P
Datasheet 200ADM-P
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