Metrohm LLI-750DC - Live Line Indicator Kit (750V DC)

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The High Voltage DC Live Line Indicator (LLI) is a battery operated electronic unit that has been specifically designed to test DC systems - with particular relevance to Mass Transit Railway (Metro) & Tram based models. Although usually applied to overhead catenaries they can also be used on “third rail” installations. Proving that the system is de-energised – and can thus be safely earthed – is important to both maintenance staff and system security.
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Manufacturer Metrohm
Manufacturer Part Number LLI-750DC
Datasheet LLI750DC
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  • Live Line Indicator
  • 40mm Hook (CMH0297)
  • Y Probe (CMH0298)
  • Carry Bag (CMP0185)
  • 40mm Straight Electrode(CMH0110)
  • Cleaning Kit (DDM5003)