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Fluke 9170

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The performance of a calibration bath combined with the functionality of a dry-well, the Fluke 9170 dry-well calibrator has a temperature range from -45°C to 140°C. A combination of digital and analog techniques give you a stability of 0.005°C and dual-zone control means you get axial uniformity of +/- 0.02°C over a 60mm zone, this level of performance is not heard of outside of calibration baths.

The low temperature produced by the Fluke 9170 is available in normal room conditions, delivering outstanding performance making it ideally suited to pharmaceutical applications and others. The well can be ordered with any one of several inserts to cater for most probe sizes and the inserts are interchangeable.

The European metrology community explains the 6 critical components of performance for an industrial heat source in EA-10/13. The components include stability, axial and radial uniformity, calibrated display accuracy, hysteresis and impact from loading. The Fluke 9170 adds a 7th, a legitimate reference thermometer input - thus the new product category of metrology wells was created.

Display Accuracy

A typical calibration of a dry well would be done by inserting a calibrated PRT into one of the wells and adjustments would then be made to the calibrators internal control sensor. This has limited value, due to the fact that the unique characteristics of the PRT are often different to the thermometers being tested by the calibrator.

Fluke's metrology wells are different however, all characteristics that can impact the calibration reading are minimised, making the calibration of the display much more meaningful. For greater accuracy, the metrology wells can be ordered with built-in electronics for reading external PRTs with ITS-90 characterisation.


Stable to 0.005°C over the full range, the Fluke 9170 offers stability that is normally only found in baths and primary fixed point calibrators. This level of performance outclasses many competitors products.

Radial Uniformity

What is it? It is the difference in temperature between one well and another. These differences can be quite large for probes with larger diameters, or other wells that are designed poorly. With the Fluke 9170 the specification is defined as the largest temperature difference between the vertically homogeneous zones if any two wells that are both 6.4mm in diameter, or smaller.


Loading effects are minimised by using deeper wells and proprietary dual-zone controls, making loading as minimal as +/- 0.005°C.

Immersion Depth

The well of the Fluke 9170 is 160mm deep, to facilitate the low -45°C temperature. Immersion depth is important, as it minimises axial gradient and loading effect as well as helping address the unique immersion characteristics of the thermometer being tested.

Further Features

With the Fluke name comes the Fluke quality. The 9170 is no exception, featuring a large LCD display, numeric keypad and intuitive on-screen menus. The display will simultaneously show the temperature of the block, the reference temperature, stability criteria, ramp rate and built-in reference temperature.

An RS-232 port allows for connection to a PC for use with the Interface-IT software (supplied) or other Fluke calibration software. If using the well ins standalone mode, there are up to four pre-programmed calibration tasks which allow up to a maximum of 8 temperature set points with ramp and soak times between each.

An automated switch test protocol zeroes in on the dead band for thermal switches .

There are several models in the range as listed below. Prices may vary depending on the model ordered, please contact us on 01923 442244 for a formal quotation:

  • Fluke 9170-A-256: with Insert A
  • Fluke 9170-A-R-256L with Insert A & Built-In Reference
  • Fluke 9170-B-256: with Insert B
  • Fluke 9170-B-R-256: with Insert B & Built-In Reference
  • Fluke 9170-C-256: with Insert C
  • Fluke 9170-C-R-256: with Insert C & Built-In Reference
  • Fluke 9170-D-256: with Insert D
  • Fluke 9170-D-R-256: with Insert D & Built-In Reference
  • Fluke 9170-DW-256: No Insert
  • Fluke 9170-DW-R-256: No Insert & Built-In Reference
  • Fluke 9170-E-256:with Insert E
  • Fluke 9170-E-R-256: with Insert E & Built-In Reference
  • Fluke 9170-F-256: with Insert F
  • Fluke 9170-F-R-256: with Insert F & Built-In Reference

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