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Fluke P3011

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The Fluke P3011 vacuum pressure deadweight tester is designed to improve accuracy and performance, increase reliability and productivity with simple operation. Suitable for calibration of a wide range of pressure measuring devices, the P3011 is available in several models, depending on the pressure you require.

The unit incorporates a piston-gauge system, which consists of a vertically mounted, precision lapped piston and cylinder assembly. Pressure can be generated by an external source, or by using the external hand-pump.

There are three masses, each marked with the serial number of the deadweight tester and a nominal pressure value which is relative to the high or low pressure piston, when available.

Gravity will vary quite significantly depending on your geographical location. This will have a direct effect on the accuracy of the dead weight tester and the force on the weights. Each tester can be calibrated to local gravity, free of charge, to ensure the accuracy of your readings.

The P3011 is fitted with a 1/4" NPT female connector to allow connection to an external vacuum pump. In addition the built-in hand-pump will generate up to 90% vacuum.

The optional PressCal software, a windows based program that allows for the entry of necessary corrections to enhance the performance of the deadweight tester. The calibration details are stored and used to create a calibration certificate. Using the software, the accuracy improves to 0.008%.

Key features include:

  • Accuracy better than 0.015% of reading (improved to 0.008% with PressCal software)
  • Different pressure units available
  • Built-in pneumatic hand pump
  • High quality needle valve for optimum control
  • O-Ring design eliminates the need for wrenches or PTFE tape

There are a number of models in the range as listed below, Prices may vary depending on the model ordered, please contact us on 01923 442244 for a formal quotation:

  • Fluke P3011-KPA: -100 kPa, no pump
  • Fluke P3011-KPA-P: -100 kPa, with pump
  • Fluke P3011-MBAR: -1000 mbar, no pump
  • Fluke P3011-MBAR-P: -1000 mbar, with pump
  • Fluke P3011-INHG: -30 inHg, no pump
  • Fluke P3011-INHG-P: -30 inHg, with pump
  • Fluke P3011-MMHG: -760 mmHg, no pump
  • Fluke P3011-MMHG-P: -760 mmHg, with pump
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