Fluke VT04 - Visual IR Thermometer (Li-ion Battery)

  • Imaging IR thermometer
  • Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
  • Hard carry case
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    The Fluke VT04 features a lithium-ion rechargeable battery and charging station, as well as a hard carry case (all other spec shares the same as the VT04A).

    This model improves on the VT02 by offering a better infrared heatmap resolution of 28 x 28 pixels. This enables you to see hotspots or troublesome areas with a slightly better accuracy. Whilst the VT04 is not a thermal camera in the truest of senses, it is good for a quick scan and location of potential problem areas that may warrant further investigation.

    Plumbing and heating engineers find this product particularly useful when it comes to looking for blockages in radiators. Applications such as this do not require an expensive thermal camera, therefore the VT04 nicely fits this niche with a cost effective price.

    The thermometer includes a digital camera and captures images to an internal SD card. Fluke SmartView software is supplied that enables you to carry out post analysis on any images captured and produce a basic report for your clients, or in house maintenance engineers. In addition, this model features a rechargeable Li-Ion battery, for increased life and reliability.

    Better Features with the Fluke VT04

    This model has two unique features that set it aside from the VT02. The first is the inclusion of a Hi / Lo temperature alarm, which triggers when the temperature reaches the user set point. In addition there are two automated features that enable the VT04 to capture a series of images over a period, or capture images when a temperature alarm is triggered. This is ideal for troubleshooting intermittent problems, as the VT04 can be mounted on a tripod and left over a period of time.

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    Manufacturer Part Number4366444
    DatasheetVT04A carry case
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    VT04 IR thermometer, hard case, micro SD card and adapter, a lithium ion rechargeable battery, and micro USB charger/power supply (including worldwide adapters), printed quick start guide
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