ITC Thermography Re-Certification (CAT 1 / CAT 2)

Extend the validity of your ITC Level 1 or Level 2 certification.
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The ITC (Infrared Training Center) provides world-leading infrared training and thermographer certification programs and is part of FLIR Systems.

ITC Level 1 (CAT 1) and ITC Level 2 (CAT 2) certification is based on an individual demonstrating competence. It is important to assure that this level of competence is maintained and as such certificates are time limited and valid for 5 years. To avoid expiry you need to either renew or re-certify.

Recertification, at its current level, is intended to apply only to individuals who maintain continued active employment within the field of thermography and demonstrate efforts to keep abreast of new developments in the field.

Upon ordering you will be sent the relevant ITC Recertification Form that needs to be completed and submitted (along with supporting documents). The price is for the recertification processing fee as stipulated by the ITC.

If you wish to renew your certification, but cannot prove continuing employment and professional contribution or education, you will be required to pass the certification exam at either the end of a course at the Level you wish to renew, or by attending a certification refresher course.

Keep in mind you can always extend your certification validity by being trained and examined into a higher category.

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