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FLIR Tools Plus Software

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FLIR Tools Plus is a powerful software package for creating compelling and professional reports with powerful new TripleFusion, Picture-in-Picture, and the latest Microsoft operating system and Word compatibility (Word 2007 or above required).

  • Flexible report design and layout
  • Fully integrated with Microsoft Word
  • Automatic Panorama Image Creation
  • Radiometric Video Recording
  • Powerful temperature analysis
  • Wizard-guided report generation
  • TripleFusion Picture-in-Picture (movable, sizable, scalable)
  • Automatic report generation by drag-and-drop
  • Predictive trending functionality
  • Automatically adds GPS coordinates to images
  • TripleFusion Picture-in-Picture capabilities
    FLIR Tools Plus Picture-in-Picture (PIP) features make your reporting easy and efficient. Simply download thermal and visible images to Reporter. Easy-to-use dialog boxes and drag-and-drop features help you superimpose a smaller IR image inside the visible light photo. You can even move and size the PIP anywhere in the photo to show the level of detail that's right for your report.

    FLIR Tools Plus also has exclusive interval and blending fusion to help you make your images more discernible and compelling.

    Automatic Panorama Image Creation
    If you have a number of thermal images of an object and want to combine them into one, this is a simple task with the Panorama function. Simply select a folder with the images in and the software will stitch relevant images together to create one large one. This is ideal if you are surveying large panels or buildings.

    Radiometric Video Streaming
    Most FLIR cameras can be connected to the software via a USB cable with a live feed showing on the software. With FLIR Tools Plus, you can record the live feed as a radiometric video for trend analysis.

    Automatic report generation
    Customised reports are easy to create, simply open the standard template in Word and you can add your company logo, change the layout, set default information to appear in tables and default temperature measurement tools.

    Compatible with GPS
    FLIR P660/B660/SC660/T640 customers have built-in GPS capability with their cameras. FLIR Reporter automatically adds the GPS coordinates to your report. Click on the Google™ Maps icon in your image and navigate to the Google Maps satellite picture to get detailed maps, directions, longitude, latitude, and altitude readings.

    Predictive trending functionality
    Trending is a powerful tool to help you track thermal information relating to your IR surveys. Armed with this information you can better determine when maintenance procedures need to be performed.

    More advanced features
    FLIR Tools Plus includes numerous advanced features, including: digital zoom, color palette changes, play back of voice comments recorded in the field. Automate calculations with the powerful formula tool and the time-saving one-click ΔT function. Instant report summary creation with the Summary Table tool. Histogram and line profile graph features to facilitate more advanced analysis.

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