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FLIR IRW InfraRed Window 4" (O.D. 5.01”/127mm)

FLIR IR Window (4" version)
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FLIR IR windows allow for safe inspection, both thermally and visually, of electrical cabinets, safeguarding you from live components and the risk of a hazardous flash arc. There are 3 sizes available, 2", 3" and 4". This listing is for the 4" version.

The windows feature simple installation, utilising a PIRma-LockTM ring nut to secure the window in place. This method means there are no screw holes required that might later strip out.

Each lens is encased in a rugged, anodised aluminium frame, allowing for indoor and outdoor scans.

Easy to fit - cut the hole, fit the window and hold in place with a single PirmaLock ring nut.

Key features of the FLIR IR Windows

Easy Installation
FLIR IR Windows install quickly and securely using the same design as common conduit connections:

  • Only one hole to create for each ring nut
  • One simple PIRma-LockTM ring nut to tighten
  • Uses standard US punch tools for hole knockouts

Tried and true locknut technology makes FLIR's locking ring an IR window first:

  • Teeth lock tight to the inside of the panel
  • Automatically grounds metal components
  • No screw holes required that might later strip out

Quick Access Hinged Cover
Simple thumb screw releases the permanently-hinged IR window cover:

  • Easy, flip-open hatch for faster scans
  • Prevents dropping, mix-ups, and loss
  • Inside label for permanent identification

Broadband Crystal IR Window
Lens encased in rugged, anodised aluminium frame allows indoor & outdoor scans:

  • Transmits short, mid and longwave IR images
  • Supports visual inspections and fusion features
  • Lets laser pointers and illumination shine through

Greater Productivity and ROI
Signficantly reduces inspection time for more efficient assessments within NFPA 70E guidelines:

  • Requires only one person instead of three
  • Eliminates need for cumbersome PPE
  • Helps reduce vast majority of arc flash triggers

FLIR Integrity
FLIR backs IRW-Series windows with comprehensive testing and a limited lifetime warranty:

  • Meets relevant UL, CSA, IEC and IEEE standards and ratings
  • Tested by reputable agencies suchs as UL, KEMA and TUV
  • Tested samples withstood arcs, vibration and extreme humidity
  • Limited lifetime warranty against manufacturers defects
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Manufacturer Part Number19252-100
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