Cropico DO6

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Covering a wide range of measurements from 1 micro ohm to 200 kilo ohm, the DO6 ohmmeter is a comprehensive ohmmeter with many features incorporated as standard, including a calibration certificate.

These benefits include manual and automatic range selection; temperature compensation for copper, referencing the measurement of copper to 20°C; voltage limiting facility for those wishing to measure switch contact resistance to International Standards, the measurement voltage is limited to 20mV. An RS232 serial interface gives full talk / listen capability, making it simple to add to an automated measuring system.

Hi / Lo limits may be set over the interface with voltage-free contacts being available on the rear panel. For those wishing to measure inductive circuits e.g. motor windings, a special protection circuit may be initiated thus avoiding any problems that may arise due to induced high voltage.

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Manufacturer Part Number930148
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