Cropico DO5002 Milliohmmeter

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Open circuit voltage 5V DC with Limit options for 20mV and 50mV

With all the functionality of the standard DO5000 but with limited measuring current and the ability to limit the open circuit voltage to either 20mV or 50mV. This model has been primarily developed to satisfy those applications where open circuit voltage and the measuring current needs to be limited. A typical application is for the measurement of switch contact resistance to conform to standards such as NFC93050.

This new generation of microhmmeters offers flexibility of measurement with high accuracy and exceptional functionality.

The DO5002 microhmmeter encompasses all the features required of an ohmmeter in one instrument. Programmable measuring current in 100 steps ensures that the DO5000 is suitable for all your applications. Automatic temperature compensation references the measurement to 20°C and Hi / Lo limits permits sorting of components with the minimum of fuss. All these options are included in the basic unit as well as a data logging function which stores up to 4000 readings with date and time stamp. Statistical analysis of these values allows you to display the Max / Min /Average values as well as peak to peak and standard deviation. The DO5000 will even calculate cable lengths in ohms/metre.

The DO5002 microhmmeter is a truly remarkable instrument and ideally suited for laboratory testing of samples, for production line testing, and with the addition of the interfaces RS232 / IEEE-488 or PLC the DO5002 micro ohmmeter may be remotely controlled and integrated into an automated testing system. For those applications where speed is important the DO5000 has a FAST measurement mode which measures at 50 measurements per second.

For applications where portability is required the model 5001 may be powered either from the mains or by the inbuilt rechargeable batteries. The charger is also incorporated into the unit and the full 10 Amps pulsed measuring current is available when used in battery mode.

Whatever your resistance measurement application the DO5002 microhmmeter provides the solution.

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