Fluke 438-II - Power Quality and Motor Analyzer

  • PQ and Motor Analyzer all in the one unit
  • Measure motor torque, speed, load, efficiency
  • Analyse power dips, swells, transients, harmonics and unbalance
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The Fluke 438-II is a portable power quality analyser (3-phase and single phase) and electric motor analyser all rolled into one unit.

It features all the advanced power quality measurement features of the Fluke 430 Series of power quality analysers (e.g. dips, swells, transients, harmonics and unbalance) but now adds in key mechanical measurement capabilities for analysing the performance of electric motors.

There is no need for mechanical sensors or intrusive no-load testing as the 438-II uses clever algorithms to calculate from the three-phase current and voltage waveforms.

Mechanical motor measurements include: torque (lb.ft or Nm), speed (RPM), load/power (hp or kW) and motor efficiency. Dynamic motor analysis is carried out according to NEMA guidelines.

The Fluke 438-II can analyse both direct-on-line and VFD (variable frequency drive) systems. If VFD then it needs to be via a voltage controlled system (VSI) with a voltage / frequency range of 40 to 70Hz, and a carrier range of 2.5kHz to 20kHz.

This is the standard 438-II set which has flexi-current clamps included. There is also a basic version available (sold separately) which comes minus the clamps and WiFi SD card.

If you already have a Fluke 430 series PQ analyser then you can have it upgraded to include all the motor analysis features via the Motor Analyzer Upgrade Kit (sold separately).

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  • 438 Series II Power Quality and Motor Analyzer (Side Strap, Battery Pack BP290 -28 Wh and 8 GB SD)
  • Wireless SD Memory Card installed)
  • Decals for Input Sockets (EU & UK, EU, China, UK, US, Canada)
  • Hang Strap
  • Alligator Clips (set of 5)
  • Test Leads, 2.5 m + Color Coding Clips (set of 5)
  • Power Adapter
  • Regional Power Cord
  • Safety Information (Multi-Language)
  • CD-ROM with Manuals (Multi-Language), PowerLog Software, and USB drivers
  • USB Interface Cable for PC Connection (USB A-to-mini USB B)
  • Soft Carry Case C1740