Megger PAT320

Dual voltage PAT with Pre programmed test sequences.
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An easily portable desktop appliance tester, designed for users who require a complete range of functions to allow automatic or manual testing of the widest range of electrical assets.

Simple push-button operation makes the PAT320 fast and intuitive in use. All regulatory test requirements are supported, including Class I and Class II; IEC power leads; extension leads and full tests for portable RCDs. An automatic mode is available for Class I and Class II testing.

In automatic mode, the tests proceed sequentially through earth bond, insulation and operation, indicating a pass or fail at each test. If a fail occurs, testing is stopped. When manual testing, each test is preceded by a selection screen where the test parameters are selected, such as earth bond test current, insulation test voltage or leakage test type. These diagnostic buttons provide direct access to any test individually, allowing single tests to be performed following repair or a suspect result.

The new design from Megger not only allows for faster testing, but also allows for repeated high current earth bond tests to be performed without any overheating issues.

Carrying out earth bond tests on IT equipment with the Megger PAT320
The intuitive design of the Megger PAT320 allows the user to select an IT setting from the menu of pre-programmed test processes once the Class I button has been pressed. There is also an option with this product to reduce the insulation test voltage down to 250V in order to test surge protected appliances and leads.

More Information
Manufacturer Part Number1000-740
Battery OperatedNo
250V Insulation TestYes
Custom Test SequenceNo
Risk AssessmentNo
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