Cable Detectors

Detecting cables in walls & underground

Detecting the pressure of cables, both in building walls or cavities and underground is a vital first step before works are carried out. Both detection only units and combined receiver transmitter styles are available.

The “cat and genny” combination provides the most flexible solution allowing signals to be injected directly or induced at a distance so the receiver can not only find a cable but also, with some units, give a depth indication TDR’s (time domain reflectometers) allow a measurement to be made of how far along a cable fault is formed.

These cable fault detectors require access to one end of the cable, although fault finding accuracy can be increased if both ends are accessible.

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  1. PACT 100mm Signal Clamp
    £246.00 £205.00
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  2. Amprobe LAN-1 - LAN Cable Tester
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    £714.00 £595.00
  4. CScope MXT2 Transmitter
    £744.00 £620.00
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  5. Fluke 2042T Transmitter
    £402.00 £335.00
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  6. PACT TOMKAT-S Plumbers Kit
    £1,564.80 £1,304.00
  7. PACT TOMKAT-S Builders Kit
    £1,774.80 £1,479.00
  8. PACT TOMKAT-S Electricians Kit
    £1,020.00 £850.00
    £744.00 £620.00
  10. Fluke TL221
    £33.60 £28.00
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  11. Fluke TL220
    £81.60 £68.00
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  12. Fluke 2042
    Special Price £538.80 £449.00 Regular Price £787.20
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  13. Megger TDR2000/3 Cable Fault Locator
    £2,826.00 £2,355.00
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  14. PACT Services SIGENDT Signal Generator
    Special Price £504.90 £420.75 Regular Price £654.00
  15. Martindale CD1000 Cable Detector Kit
    Special Price £378.00 £315.00 Regular Price £478.80
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16 Items

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