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Cropico RH9A Series

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RH9A High Resistance / High Voltage Decade Boxes - Total Resistance 1 Terraohm- Resolution 1 kilohm - Max Voltage 5000 Vdc

Designed using the Cropico High Quality SP1 switch combined with specially selected resistors, this range of high ohm resistance decades is ideal for the calibration of insulation test sets with a voltage rating up to 5kV.

Housed in a rugged plastic carrying case with up to 9 decades the RH series covers the range 1 kΩ to 1 TΩ and is equally at home in the laboratory, workshop or field application.

There are 4 models in the range, please select the required model from the drop-down box above:

  • Cropico RH9A-1: 1GΩ to 100GΩ
  • Cropico RH9A-2: 1kΩ to 100MΩ
  • Cropico RH9A-3: 1MΩ to 100GΩ
  • Cropico RH9A-4: 1kΩ to 100GΩ
  • Cropcio RH9A-5: 1kΩ to 1TΩ
This item is supplied with a calibration certificate.
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