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Are you an Engineering Manager, Maintenance Manager or Health & Safety Manager?

Can you be certain that the Engineers on your site are fully compliant with Safe Isolation procedures as per the Electricity at Work Regulations under the Health & Safety Legislation? As the Departmental Manager, you have a duty of care to your employees and could ultimately be held liable for any mishap.

To help out, here at Instrotech we have teamed up with Martindale Electric (the leading manufacturer of safe isolation equipment) to provide a series of educational “Toolbox Talks” on Safe Isolation and what it takes to comply with the GS38, HSG85, and BS EN61343-3 2010 standards.

The Toolbox Talk is a 20-min seminar aimed for the practical Engineer followed by a Q&A session. The sessions are FREE, non-sales biased and come with no further obligation. To minimise downtime, we are happy to come and hold these on-site with you on the proviso of an audience of 5+ relevant persons in attendance.

The Toolbox Talk will compliment any formal training you may provide to your Engineering personnel, or act as timely refresher / reminder. Either way, it is a mechanism to help ensure avoidance of the hefty fines, or imprisonment, that get issued to employers and employees for non-compliance (which now includes the putting of employees at risk, not just for when accidents happen!)

For further information, or to book your Toolbox Talk*, please contact Instrotech (quoting ref: INSTBT) on 01923 442244 or email: [email protected]

*Please note, we are only able to offer Toolbox Talks on Safe Isolation to UK mainland locations at present.

Safe Isolation Equipment and Test Kits available from Instrotech