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The world is changing at a faster pace than many of us have ever experienced before and we are all having to adapt. Here at Instrotech we’re no different and we’re pleased to announce that our most popular training courses are now being taught remotely via video platform!  

Location is no barrier, perfect for teams who have Engineers dotted all over the country (or globe!), and ideal for persons working from home (WFH), or those on furlough (where training is actively encouraged.)

The content we provide remains high-quality, and we always try to include lots of practical and interactive examples (no equipment needed at your end, we’ll be your hands.) Courses are available for individuals or groups, are taught in English, and class sizes limited to allow plenty of two-way communication.

PAT Training (in accordance with the IET 5th Edition)

Thermal Imaging (Thermography – official ITC® courses)

To book your courses, or for further information, please click here or call us on 01923 442244