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Amprobe ULD-420-EUR - Ultrasonic Leak Detector Kit (with Transmitter)

  • Detect and pinpoint air and gas leaks
  • Use on pressured and unpressurised systems
  • Advanced noise filtering technology
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The Amprobe ULD-420 kit helps to detect and pinpoint air and gas leaks in both pressured and unpressurised systems (when used with the included transmitter) by utilising ultrasonic sound wave technology that is above the human hearing level. The ULD-420 converts this into a signal that can be used to detect the exact location of the equipment failure. The strength of the leak is indicated clearly on the large LCD bargraph display, you can also listen in with the converted audio through the headphones (or earbuds if wearing a hard hat).

Compressed air is so widely used that it is often regarded as the fourth utility and it is the most expensive energy source across all types of manufacturing and process plants. Any leaks can represent a significant source of wasted energy in industrial or commercial environments and can result in unnecessary high bills worth tens of thousands of £ pounds per year. The ULD-420-EUR Ultrasonic Leak Detector can detect this sound and convert it into an audible range to pinpoint the exact location of a leak, vibration or discharge.

When used on non-pressurized systems, or where there isn't enough emitting ultrasonic sound for the receiver to detect , then use in conjunction with the transmitter. This is great for finding air and water leaks in vehicle windscreens and window seals, fluid and gas tanks, as well as building windows, doors and roofs.

To help in noisy environments the ULD-420 has advanced filtering technology so leaks can be found in even the most challenging of environments.

Key features include:

  • Large 6.35 cm LCD display
  • 20 kHz to 90 kHz frequency range
  • Three noise filters
  • Adjustable receiver sensitivity
  • Three transmitter signal strengths
  • Quality headphones
  • Parabola accessory to direct sound
  • Detachable tubular extension to access hard to reach areas

Application areas include:

  • Air compressors and non-combustible gases
  • Industrial plumbing
  • Electrical and mechanical systems
  • Valves, tanks, and pipes
  • Facilities maintenance
  • Heat exchangers, boilers and condensers
  • Air conditioning and refrigeration systems
  • Motors and machinery
  • Construction

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Manufacturer Part Number5117495
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RE Receiver

  • Sensitivity Adjustment: Yes
  • Volume Adjustment: Yes
  • Earphone Jack: 3.5 mm
  • Display Size: LCD 6.35 cm (2.5 in)
  • Display Dimension: 36.72 x 48.96 mm (1.45 x 1.93 in)
  • Display Resolution: 240 (RGB) x 320 pixels
  • Display Type: TFT LCD (262 K)
  • Display Colour: True, 16 bit
  • Frequency Range: 20 kHz to 90 kHz
  • Filter: +/- 5 kHz of main noise frequency, up to three filters
  • Power Supply: 4 x 1.5 V AA (LR6) alkaline batteries
  • Power Consumption (typical): 75 mA
  • Battery Life (typical): 105 hrs (alkaline)
  • Low Battery Indication: Yes
  • Weight: Approx. 0.235 kg
  • Dimensions: 183 x 75 x 43 mm

TE Transmitter
  • Signal Level Adjustment: Yes
  • Frequency Range: Typical 40 kHz squarewave
  • Power Supply: 2 x 1.5 V AAA (LR03) alkaline batteries
  • Power Consumption (typical): 33 mA
  • Battery Life (typical): 60 hrs (alkaline)
  • Low Battery Indication: Red LED
  • Weight: Approx. 0.152 kg
  • Dimensions: 137 x 65 x 33 mm

General Specifications

  • APO Function: 60 minutes when idle
  • Operating Temperature: -20 to +50 deg C
  • Storage Temperature: -20 to +70 deg C
  • Operating Humidity: <80% RH
  • Pollution Degree: 2
  • Protection: IP40

  • ULD-400-RE Receiver
  • ULD-400-TE Transmitter
  • Headphones
  • Ear Buds (for use with hard hat)
  • PB-1 Power Parabola
  • TEA-1 Flexible Tubing Adapter
  • TE-1 Tubular Extension
  • CC-ULD-400 Hard Carrying Case
  • 4x AA Batteries (Receiver)
  • 2x AAA Batteries (Transmitter)
  • User Manual