Chauvin Arnoux CA6505 - 5 kV Insulation Tester

Chauvin Arnoux
  • 5kV insulation tester
  • Site-proof shock-resistant casing with leak-proof cover (IP53 rated)
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The Chauvin Arnoux CA6505 is a 5kV insulation tester in a site-proof shock-resistant casing with leak-proof cover (IP53 rated). Useful for insulation measurement on cables, motors, generators, transformers etc.

As soon as it is connected, the CA6505 measures the voltage, frequency, capacitance and residual current values on the installation or equipment to be tested.

There are two levels of diagnostics. The first being simple ‘Go’ / ‘No Go’ measuring, with the second being more qualitative measuring suited for PPM applications.

Functions and specifications:

  • Fixed test voltages: 500V / 1kV / 2.5kV / 5kV or adjustable from 40V to 5.1kV DC
  • Measurement range: 10 kΩ to 10 TΩ
  • Programmable test duration
  • Automatic calculation of DAR & PI quality ratios
  • Measurement of voltage, capacitance and leakage current
  • LCD screen with bargraph
  • Power supply by NiMh rechargeable battery
  • Compliant with IEC 61557
  • IP53 protection
  • IEC 61010 1,000 V CAT III safety
  • Dimensions: 270 x 250 x 180 mm / 4.3 kg
  • More Information
    ManufacturerChauvin Arnoux
    Manufacturer Part NumberP01139704
    Dielectric Absorption Ratio TestYes
    1000V Insulation testYes
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  • 1x CA6505
  • 1x Carry Bag
  • 2x measurement leads 2m long (Red / Blue)
  • 1x guarded safety lead 2m long (black)
  • 1x guarded safety lead 0.35m long (blue)
  • 3x croc clips (Red / Blue / Black)
  • 1x mains power lead 1.8m long
  • 1x operating manual