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Seaward Supernova Elite PAT Solutions Kit

Seaward test & tag printer kit & PATGuard Elite 3 software
Seaward Supernova Elite PAT Solutions Kitwidth="180" height="70"
Seaward Supernova Elite PAT Solutions Kit
Seaward Supernova Elite PAT Solutions Kit
Seaward Supernova Elite PAT Solutions Kit
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Instrotech Code: SEASNOVATISKIT      -     In Stock      -     1,999.00

Complete PAT Testing Kit with Test & Tag Elite label printer. There is no denying it this is the most comprehensive, useful PAT tester on the market bar none. If you need to do a test rest assured the Supernova Plus PAT tester can do it, including flash testing and full dual voltage capability. This kit is supplied with a 1 year subscription for PATGuard Elite 3 software.

This is a sophisticated PAT tester is packed full of fantastically useful features, such as 5000 test record memory, sites, locations, user, test status and date. It links to a PC and has a modem for remote transfer of information. The PAT Tester has connections for a barcode reader, braincell RFID scanner, and printer, as well as a parallel printer port. Barcode labels are generated via an optional thermal printer.

The Supernova Elite will allow you to test both 240V and 110V appliances. A step-down transformer allows you to power up 110V tools from a 240V supply, making this unit truly versatile. The Test & Tag printer produces robust, long-lasting labels, with test data, barcode and the option to add your own company logo.

For ease of use, there is a large LCD graphics display, with legible, walk through instructions for each test facility. Downloading vital information is quick and easy, with the software sorting your data as it processes the file.

PATGuard Elite 3, Health & Safety Edition, allows the download of data from the Supernova Elite, organising your tests by clients, sites and locations. This advanced software package also includes various H & S forms, risk assessment forms and more. Reports are quickly generated with your company logo and previous test data can be uploaded to the Supernova when carrying out re-tests.



Earth Bond Test
  • Test Currents: 25A AC, 10A AC, 4A AC, +/- 200mA DC (IT Safe)
  • Display Range: 0.00ohm - 19.99ohm
  • Pass Value: User Defined
  • Measurement Technique: 4 Wire Measurement, Floating Earth
  • Earth Screen Continuity (IT Safe)

  • Test Currents: +/- 100mA
  • Display Range: 0.00ohm - 19.99ohm
  • Pass Value: User Defined
  • Measurement Technique: 4 Wire Measurement, Floating Earth
  • Insulation Resistance

  • Test Voltage: 250V, 500V DC
  • Display Range: 0.1Megohm - 100Megohm
  • Pass Value: User Defined
  • Flash Test

  • Test Voltage Class I: 1500V mns
  • Test Voltage Class II: 3000V mns
  • Display Range: 0.05mA - 2.5mA
  • Pass Value: User Defined
  • Protective Conductor Current

  • Test Voltage: 230V / 110V
  • Display Range: 0.1mA - 10mA
  • Pass Value: User Defined
  • Touch Current

  • Test Voltage: 230V / 110V
  • Display Range: 0.1mA - 2.0mA
  • Pass Value: User Defined
  • Substitute Leakage

  • Test Voltage: 40V AC Nominal
  • Display Range: 0.1mA - 19.99mA
  • Pass Value: User Defined
  • Load Test

  • Display Range: 0kVA - 4.2kVA
  • IEC & Extension Lead Test

  • Earth Continuity: 25A AC, 10A AC, 4A AC, +/- 200mA DC
  • Insulation Test: 250V, 500V DC
  • Wiring Test: Live, Neutral Continuity & Polarity
  • Pass Value: User Defined with Built-in Lead Limit Calculator
  • Item Contents

    • Seaward Supernova Plus with calibration certificate
    • CCD Barcode Scanner
    • Test & Tag Elite Printer with four rolls of labels
    • PATGuard Elite 3 software 1 Year Subscription with Support
    • Carry case for Test & Tag printer & Barcode Scanner
    • Download lead, earth bond lead, flash probe and 110V adaptor
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